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Tag Name Date Type Description
OBJNOLongDEEP2 object number
RADoubleRight Ascension (in decimal degrees, J2000)
DECDoubleDeclination (in decimal degrees, J2000)
MAGBFloatCFHT B magnitude
MAGRFloatCFHT R magnitude
MAGIFloatCFHT I magnitude
PGALFloatthe probability that the source is a galaxy for unresolved sources, 3 if resolved
SFD_EBVFloatE(B-V) from Schlegel, Finkbeiner, and Davis dust map
CLASSSTRINGtype of best-fitting template (e.g. GALAXY or STAR)
SUBCLASSSTRINGcoarse classification for stars
OBJNAMESTRINGthe 8-digit DEEP2 object id (same as objno)
MASKNAMEFloatthe DEEP2 slitmask number on which the object was observed
SLITNAMESTRINGthe slitlet number (on mask MASKNAME) in which the object was placed
DATESTRINGdate that the object was observed
MJDFloatModified Julian Date of observation
ZFloatobserved best-fitting redshift
ZHELIOFloatredshift corrected for heliocentric motion
Z_ERRFloatredshift error
RCHI2Floatreduced chi-squared value for the redshift fit
DOFLongdegrees of freedom for redshift fit
VDISPFloatvelocity dispersion in km/s
VDISP_ERRFloaterror in velocity dispersion
ZQUALITYIntredshift quality code;
for explanation of codes, take a look here.
COMMENTStringcomment field;
see list of standarrd comments here.

Last modified: Wed Nov 29, 2006